How to upload a new version of attachment

This tutorial outlines how to add a new version of a specific attachment on Cloudpermit. Occasionally,  a local government authority may request, for example, a revision on a site plan attachment. In this case, you must upload a new version of the attachment onto the application.

If you have been requested for changes in the documents or drawings, upload a new version as instructed below, instead of uploading a new document. By doing so, the reviewer can see that the requested changes have been made.

Go to the Application workspace and scroll down to the Attachments section.

Expand it by clicking Open.
In the Attachments section, click the down-facing arrow next to the attachment's name you must revise.
Click the Upload New Version button on the right.

Locate the new version of the attachment from your local folder and upload it.
Success - The new version has been successfully uploaded.
Cloudpermit saves all previous versions of the application.

Click Open Attachment Review to upload the new attachment in the preview.

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