How to sign off on your application

This tutorial explains how to sign off on your application. 

Only Applicants can sign off on applications. Sometimes, the application may also require other roles than an Applicant to sign it off. 

Fill out the application data in the application workspace, identify application parties, and add required attachments to the application.

See instructions for inviting parties to an application.
See instructions for adding required attachments.

To sign off on your application, click "Sign off application."

Depending on the municipality and the type of your permit application, different documents on this page may require Applicants to fill them out before proceeding.

Scroll down to the "Declaration of Applicant" section.
This section states which roles must sign off the application.

See the article "How to give yourself multiple roles in the "Parties to the application" section."

Click "Sign off."

You have now signed off on your application.
Click "Return to application" to enter the application workspace.

Suppose your application requires payment before submitting it; click "Continue to payment."

See instructions for paying the application before submitting it.



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