How to Sign Off and Submit Applications


Once an application is finished getting completed, it must be signed off before being able to get submitted to the municipality. This article provides instructions on how to sign off and submit an application. IMPORTANT NOTE: Only Applicants can sign off on applications. 

How to Sign Off and Submit Applications

  1. Create a new application or select an existing application
    1. If you forget how to create a new application, please click here 
  2. Complete filling out the application – fill in the Application Data, identify the Parties of The Application, and add any required Attachments. 
    1. If you don’t know how to fill in the Application Data, please click here
    2. If you don’t know how to identify the Parties of The Application, please click here
    3. If you don’t know how to add any required Attachments, please click here
  3. Once you are finished filling an application, the Sign off application button becomes clickable (turns from grey to black). When you click it, you will be navigated to the Sign off view. If you cannot locate the Submit application button, it is circled in red below
  4. Answer any Tarion Warranty information, if applicable
  5. Answer the Completeness and Compliance with Applicable Law questions
  6. Once you finish steps 4 and 5, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and notice how the Sign off button is now clickable (turns from grey to black). Now, please click the Sign off button to officially sign off on your application. If you cannot find the Sign off button please find it circled in red on the image below
  7. Now you can submit your application. To do so, please scroll to the top of the window and click the Return to application button located near the top of the window.  
  8. Once you have returned to the application dashboard, notice how the Sign off application button has changed to Submit application. Please click it. 

Congratulations, you have officially submitted your application! It is now in Submitted status and in the hands of the municipality. You will receive notifications on any relevant updates regarding your application via email. Payment will be collected once the application is in Ready to issue status. You can now return to your main dashboard or exit Cloudpermit.

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