How to sign off and submit an application

This tutorial explains how to sign off and submit an application on Cloudpermit.


  • Once you have finished your application, you must sign it off before submitting it to the local government.
  • Only applicants can sign off on applications. 

Step 1: In the Application Workspace, fill in the application data, identify the application parties, and add any required attachments. 

Step 2: Once you have finished filling out an application, click Sign off application. You will navigate to the Sign off view. Depending on the municipality and the type of permit application, different kinds of documents on this page may require an applicant to fill out before proceeding.

The example below presents the Tarion Warranty information form and the Completeness and Compliance with Applicable law form that are obligatory forms of the municipality Ontario, Canada.

Once you have finished step 2, the Sign off button on the bottom of the page turns clickable. 

Step 3: Click Sign off. Success - You have now officially signed off on your application. You can see the confirmation on the page as stated in the example below. 

There are two buttons available: Return to the Application and Submit Application. If you do not want to submit your application immediately, click Return to the application. You can anytime come back to your application in the Dashboard and finish it to submit.

If you want to submit your application right away, click Submit Application.

Congratulations, you have officially submitted your application, and it appears in Submitted status in your Dashboard. You will receive notifications on any relevant updates regarding your application via email. Payment will be collected once the application is in Ready to issue status. 

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