How to sign off and submit a building permit application

Once the draft application data is complete, you must approve it and submit it. Usually, applications will receive at least the applicant's signature. Individuals with additional obligations in the project, such as an agent or a property owner, may be required to sign particular applications. The persons required to sign the application are listed in the "Sign-Off" section.

  1. Click Sign Off Application.
  2. Depending on the municipality and the type of the building permit application, different documents on this page may require applicants to fill them out before proceeding.
  3. Expand the Declaration of Applicant section. 
  4. This declaration states which roles must sign off on the application. See How to give yourself multiple roles in the "Parties to the application" section.
  5.  Click Sign Off in each declaration.
  6. Your application has been signed off and it is ready to be submitted. Click Submit Application.
  7. Your application has been submitted to the municipal building department. 



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