How to sign and submit a building permit application

Once your draft application data is complete, you must approve it, i.e., sign it digitally, and submit it to your municipal building department. 

Usually, building applications require at least the applicant's signature. Individuals with additional obligations in your project, for example, agents or property owners, may also be required to sign particular applications. The persons required to sign the application are listed in the "Sign-Off" section of the application workspace.

  1. The "Required Tasks" progress bar at the top of your application workspace indicates that you have completed all your application's required actions.
  2. To access the "Sign Off" workspace, click "Sign Off Application."

  3. Depending on the municipality and the type of building permit application, different documents on the "Sign-Off" workspace may require applicants to fill them out before proceeding.

    The application will be digitally signed in the "Declaration of Applicant" section.

  4. This section specifies which roles must approve the application by signing on it. For example, some application types may require signatures from the agent and property owner. Read the related article "How to give yourself multiple roles in the "Parties to the application" section."

  5. Click "Sign Off" in each declaration if you have the required roles for signature.
  6. Your application has been signed and is ready for submission. Click the "Submit Application" button.
  7. Once submitted, your application will be forwarded to your municipal building department, which will begin reviewing it.



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