How to invite parties to your application

This tutorial shows how to invite parties to your application. The instruction applies to users having an account in Cloudpermit. If you do not have it yet, follow the instructions for creating your Cloudpermit account.

Go to the "Parties to the application" section in the application workspace.

Click "Add or invite party+."

Enter the invitee's email address.

Select a role(s) for your invitee from the "Select role(s)" drop-down menu.

One party may have several roles. The amount of your role selection is not limited.

Give permissions:
  • Permission "Modify applications" enables the invitee to add and change information in the application.
  • Permission "View all applicable phases" allows the invitee to view the application in its different progress phases.
  • Permission "Add new applications" enable the invitee to add and change data in the application.

Type in a message to the invitee (optional).

Click "Send invite."
Success - You have now invited your new party to the application.

The party card's status is "pending" until the invitee has accepted the invitation.

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