How To Delete Attachments From Applications


Deleting attachments from applications on Cloudpermit is quick and easy. Long gone are the days of printing and throwing out unnecessary or outdated attachments for applications. On Cloudpermit, attachments are easily managed without the hassle of printing. This article outlines how to delete attachments from applications on Cloudpermit.  

How To delete Attachments From Applications

  1. Log into Cloudpermit. If you forget how to, please click here
  2. Navigate to an existing application by clicking on it from the My Applications tile 
  3. Once you are in an application dashboard, your window should appear similar to the image below
  4. Click the Attachments tile in the application workspace by clicking the Open button located on the right side of the tile. When you do, the attachments tile will expand to reveal the existing attachments
  5. The list of the attachments is at the bottom of the page. Find the right attachment and click the trashcan icon on the right
  6. Confirm deletion 

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