How to Add Attachments to Applications


Different types of applications require different kinds of attachments. For example, residential building permit applications could require different attachments than Agricultural building permit applications. To that end, as you complete your permit applications, Cloudpermit will let you know which required attachments your application requires. This article explains how to find out which required attachments your application is missing and how to add them to your application. 

How to Add Attachments to Applications

To add attachments, please follow these steps:

  1. Open an existing application or create a new application
  2. Scroll down to the Attachments tile near the bottom of the Application Dashboard
  3. Expand the Attachments tile by clicking the Open button near the right side of the Attachments tile. Once expanded, the required attachments will be listed under the ATTACHMENTS. For example, please refer to the image below.
  4. To upload attachments, you have two options:
    1. Drag and drop files
    2. Select files from your computer
  5. To use the drag and drop method, please follow these steps:
    1. Locate the attachment on your computer
    2. Drag and drop it anywhere within the grey box within the ATTACHMENTS tile which is bordered by a black dashed line
  6. To use the select files from your computer method, please follow these steps:
    1. Click the click here button which is highlighted in blue
    2. A file selector window should now appear. Please navigate to the location of where your attachments are located on your computer
    3. Click Open located near the bottom right of the window
  7. Once you have uploaded an attachment, it should appear like this:
  8. Once you've uploaded the attachment, you must identify it. To do so:
    1. Click the drop-down menu under Type and select the attachment type that is applicable. Please note, one attachment can be one, several, or even all required attachments.
    2. Input a drawing number and description (optional)
    3. Click the Done button near the bottom of the window. 
    4. Once you've identified the attachment, the red colour next to the attachment type will turn into green as can be seen by the screenshot below. 
  9. Please note, if you experience difficulties uploading attachments, please clear your internet browser's history and cookies and try re-uploading. Also, please remember, Cloudpermit is currently supported on the following browsers:
    1. Google Chrome
    2. Apple Safari 
    3. Mozilla Firefox

NOTE: To satisfy the required attachments section of your application, you must submit all of the required attachments. For example, if an application requires you to submit a site plan, elevation drawings, and a site grading plan, you must upload all three before being able to submit your application. Please ensure you have uploaded all of the required attachments before you attempt to proceed.


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