How to add attachments

This tutorial shows you how to add attachments to the application.

In the Application workspace, scroll down to the Attachments section. Click Open to expand the area.
In the Application workspace, scroll down to the Attachments section.
Click Open to expand the area. 

Once expanded, the required attachments are automatically listed under the Attachments section.
Besides, the necessary attachments to the application are the planning rationale and a site plan.

Next, you must upload the required attachments. There are two available options for that:
Option 1: Drag and drop files from your computer.
Option 2: Select files from your computer.

Option 1:
Locate the attachments on your computer. Drag and drop them anywhere within the drop zone in the Attachments section.
Option 2:
Press the blue written text click here.

A file selector window appears.
Navigate to the location of where the attachment is saved on your computer. Click Open.
You will enter the view besides.
Select the type of attachment from the drop-down menu list (Planning Rationale).
Note that you can select multiple attachment types for a single file.
Next, input a drawing number and description (optional). The chosen attachment will automatically upload.
Once uploaded, click Done.

The uploaded attachment should appear at the bottom of the Attachments section.
The color next to the attachment type has turned green.
A notification appears on the top right of the screen saying 'Attachment has converted to PDF/A.'

You have now successfully uploaded and added the attachment to the application.
If you experience difficulties uploading attachments, clear your internet browser's history and cookies and try re-uploading.

You must submit all of the required attachments. For example, if an application requires you to submit a site plan, elevation drawings, and a site grading plan, you must upload all three before submitting your application. Therefore, ensure you have uploaded all of the required attachments before you attempt to proceed.


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