How to complete the required application data for building permit application

In Cloudpermit, the process of creating an application is guided. The process of creating an application will begin from your Dashboard. Cloudpermit gives you the appropriate application form to complete and submit depending on your chosen application category, work type, and target. All required application information marked with an asterisk * must be entered before submitting.

  1. Your application is in the Draft step. The Required Tasks progress bar at the top of the application workspace shows the required actions you must do before submitting the application. Each missing item in the application is marked with a red symbol. They must be completed before proceeding to the next step.
  2. Scroll to Application Data. This section includes applications you must fill out. Depending on the category, work type, and work target of the application you are applying for, you will be presented with different forms in this section. 
  3. Click on the form to enter.
  4. Fill out all required fields*. All other information is optional. Cloudpermit saves your data automatically. Click Back to Workspace to enter the application workspace. 
  5. The required forms are completed.
  6. Go to Attachments. All required attachments are listed here.
  7. Add attachments to the application by dragging and dropping files in the drag-and-drop zone or uploading them from your computer.
  8. Select an attachment type from the Type drop-down menu. Select the visibility under File visibility. Click Done.
  9. Cloudpermit converts all attachments to archivable PDF format.
  10. Scroll up to the Required Tasks progress bar. It shows that all required tasks are completed (green). The next step is to sign off the application. 

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