How to create a building permit application

This tutorial outlines how to create a building permit application.

Step 1: Click Create a new application in your workspaces. 

You will enter the Project selection workspace. You can either create a new project or select an existing one. Note that you will only see the Create a new project -option in the workspace if you haven't created any project yet. 

Step 2: Click Create a new project. 

Step 3: Type a project name in the text field and click Next.

Note that you can still return to your dashboard without saving anything by clicking the Back button. It applies to all pages during the application creation process.

You will be redirected to the Location for the application page. Here you can select a subject property for the application, search by address or a roll number, or point to a property´s location on the map. If the subject land consists of more than one property, additional properties are added later.

Step 4: Select the province and municipality of the subject property from the drop-down menu. 

Once you have selected the province and municipality, you must locate the subject property on the map. 

There are three options available from which you can choose the one that works best for you:

  • Option 1: Using the municipal address of the subject property.
  • Option 2: Using the roll number of the subject property.
  • Option 3: Using a map to locate the subject property.

Option 1: Start typing the address of the subject property into the text field. Cloudpermit provides you with a list of existing properties according to the address. Select the desired subject property from the list under Addresses. 

Option 2: If you know the property's roll number, start filling it in the text field. Cloudpermit provides you with a list of existing properties matching your typing. Select the desired subject property from the list under Addresses.

Option 3: Locate the subject property manually by clicking and dragging it on the map. Zoom in and out on the map with the + and - buttons located on the top left of the map. Once you have found the desired subject property, click it once. Cloudpermit pulls you up relevant information regarding the property.

If no address is found for the selected property, click the blue link 'You can also add property details manually.' 

A form opens where you can manually fill out details regarding the address and property details—fields marked with a red Asterix (*) are mandatory to fill out. When you are finished completing the form, click Next.

You will enter the Application type page. The available application types on the page depend on your municipality selection in Step 4. 

If you are not presented with any application types, continue by clicking Next and see Step 8. 

Step 5: If you are asked to select the appropriate project type for your application, follow the steps below.

Step 6: Select Category. For your benefit, there are definitions for each category item at the bottom of the page.

Step 7: Select Work type and Work target.

Step 8: Click Next to proceed.

You will enter the Summary page. 

Step 9: Check the entered details carefully and confirm the information in your application by clicking Finnish&Create. If you wish to revise any of the information you have entered so far, you can return to your application by clicking Back.


You have now created a draft building permit application on Cloudpermit! Note that the application is not yet completed and submitted. It remains under DRAFT status in your application workspace. If you wish to return to the dashboard and complete your application later, click on the Back to dashboard button.

If you want to complete the application data, sign off and submit your application right away, see instructions for completing the required data and signing off and submitting an application.


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