How to send messages

This tutorial outlines how to send messages through the Messaging feature in Cloudpermit. 

In My dashboard, click "Messages" in the header.

The "Messages" view opens.
You can send both public and direct messages from the application. 
  • Public messages are visible to all stakeholders within the application. Everybody can collaborate on them.
  • Direct messages are one-on-one conversations with, for example, local government authorities. 

On the left, there is a list of created applications. The most recent application appears at the top of the list.

Each application has its message threads to send and receive messages regarding the application.

You can also navigate to the respective application by clicking the link "Open the application" at the top right.

To send a public message from the particular application, click the application. The message workspace opens automatically on the right.  

The "Public" option is selected by default.

Start typing your message into the text field and click the arrow to send it over.
All stakeholders will receive a note about the new message.
Success - The sent message appears in the message workspace.
All stakeholders within the application see it, and everybody can reply to it.
The "Direct" option means that you can collaborate with a specific person without other stakeholders seeing the message thread. The recipient receives a note of the received message.

Even though direct messages are intended for a specific recipient within the application, they are not private messages. 

All municipal users within the department have access to all direct message threads. The parties to the application can also view direct message threads in which they are either senders or recipients.


To start direct messaging, click "Send a new direct message."
The drop-down menu of available recipients opens.
The list contains the persons and roles you have selected in the Parties to the Application section.

Select the recipient from the list.

The message workspace opens.

If you have any previous direct conversations with the person, the message threads show this view. 

Click "Info+" on the right to view the selected recipient's role(s) in the application.
Type your message into the text field and click the arrow to send it over.
Success - The direct message to the selected recipient has been sent. The recipient will also receive a notification of it.

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