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Cloudpermit is a digital solution, a kind of express lane for building permits designed to resolve complicated paper permit processes in a cloud-based application.

Cloudpermit brings together government authorities, construction companies, and private citizens in a shared digital workspace. With Cloudpermit, you can manage your building projects efficiently and effortlessly through a single service while avoiding paper drawings and floods of emails.

What does the Cloudpermit solution provide you?

Cloudpermit is a comprehensive building and planning permitting solution providing you many brilliant functionalities.

On Cloudpermit, you can, for example: 

  • Register an account with Cloudpermit.
  • Sign in anytime, anywhere, and create an application with all required information and attachments.
  • Share your application with applicable stakeholders to collaborate and get advice for the permitting process.
  • Sign off and submit your application. 
  • Pay any required deposits online to speed up the final application processing time. 
  • Check the status of your application periodically, even though Cloudpermit also sends you messages when important updates about your application(s) become available.

Register to Cloudpermit and find out how easy applying for a building permit online can be!

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